General Acupuncture US$.45.00/session
Acupuncture Cosmetic US$.65.00/session
Moxibustion US$.39.00/session
Cupping Therapy US$.20.00/session
Aquapuncture US$.39.00/session
Therapeutic Massage US$.22.00/session
Pranic Healing US$.22.00/session
Ear Acupuncture US$.40,00/session
Pediatric Acupuncture US$.28.00/session
Psyciatry Acupuncture US$.45.00/session
Neuro Acupuncture US$.45.00/session
Acupressure US$.12.00/session
Reflexology US$.15.00/1 hour
Refreshment Massage US$.15/1 hour
Under-age massage US$.10.00/1 hour
Massage on the neck US.8.00/1 hour
Back Massage US$.15,00/1 hour
Chinese Herbs US$…..
On call acupuncturist US$.55.00/session

To make reservation please contact to the phone number bellow or you can come directly to the clinic.

Mobile Phone/WhatsApp :+62 8123 9670 19

Addres : Jl. Made lebah, Ubud – Bali (80571)

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