From time to time reflexology services are increasingly springing up, not only can be found at the place of traditional healer, but now a reflexology service can be found in places SPA, even a lot of beauty salons providing reflexology services as well. It is very easy reflexology done by anyone and does not contain many of the risk of harm. So no wonder almost every lot of places reflexology practice.

Almost everyone knows about the reflexology points reflect the emphasis is in the hands and feet. Circumstances of an organ in our body is reflected through the point of reflection.

If you feel pain or feel very sensitive when touched in the point of reflexology, then you suspected there is disorder or disturbance in the function of the relevant organs. For example, if the area is the middle point of the soles of your feet feel very sensitive when massaged or pressed, it means you are experiencing interference with the function of the kidney organ, and so forth.

Based on our experience, reflexology therapy useful in certain cases, especially it is good to stimulate the nerves which is lead to the head and brain. One example if you are suffering from sever headaches, you can press the point of reflection of the brain and the head of a toe area, so if it is right stimulation, then headaches will disappear, at least reduced. And you can do over and over again.

But when treating chronic diseases and related diseases in others such as diabetes who had chronic kidney failure, etc., combined with acupuncture and traditional medicine will be beneficial to recovery.

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