Kerokan is Javanese and Balinese Traditional treatment, it has been practiced a long period of times, but nobody know exactly since when kerokan be used as a therapy, but they believe that kerokan therapy exist since kingdoms time, almost all Balinese peoples know about the treatment of kerokan, including they who never had experienced it.

Kerokan in English mean rubbing, where the therapist rub the skin of patient with special tool made from plastic or some coin of money can also be used for kerokan, rubbing on the neck, back, and the chest area until the skin look purple or red. Kerokan or rubbing is only applied to the patients who have common cold problem or in Indonesian peoples called it as“ penyakit masuk angin” (the wind penetrated the body), the symptoms are: sneezing, running nose, headache, accompanied by fever.

By rubbing patient’s skin, normally the healer will know the patient condition whether it is caused by the wind or not. The patient who have penyakit masuk angin usualy very sensitive to be a purple or red color when the healer rub the skin, and patient immediately will get feeling better after having kerokan therapy. Penyakit masuk angin is very popular disease in Indonesia and we vunerable to evil wind when the energy flows in weak condition, in a low stamina. Normally it is happen especially in changing the season.


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