Massage class
Don’t miss your opportunity while you’re in Bali to increase knowledge and experience or something new in the field of massage. Traditional Balinese massage is a traditional Balinese relaxation purposes or pleasure, refreshment, and for medicinal purposes has been practiced since the days of empire and its existence is still exist till today, even these days tend to Balinese massage increasingly popular and loved by many people from abroad , especially for relaxation and refreshment Balinese massage at the SPA.
Balinese massage for healing purposes are usually hereditary practice by people who have special expertise in the field of traditional healing which are sometimes combined with medication ingredients of Bali. The Balinese who has expertise in the field of traditional healing called Balian.
At our place, not only provide various types of massage services, but also a place of massage development or training, especially traditional Balinese massage. For those of you who want to learn Balinese massage, this is the right place for learning. We open a private Balinese massage classes three times a week ie on every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday every 6:00 pm, three hours.
Registration fee of U.S. $ .5
Training costs of U.S. $ .312 the Cost includes certificate of UHC massage.
For more information please come to our office at Ubud Healing Centre and UHC SPA.
Jln.Made Lebah-Pengosekan, – Ubud 80572 Bali
Mobile phone or WhatsApp: +628123967019

Traditional Balinese Massage Class

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