Acupuncture Training
Ubud Healing Center (UHC) will print a reliable acupuncturist who is ready to face various kinds of diseases. In beginning of November 2009 Ubud Healing Center receives new students for training / courses certified acupuncture. The participants will be guided directly by an experienced acupuncturist who already have the field as a labor certification in the field of acupuncture examiners, plus for the practicing will be guided directly by Mr. Akuh Suryana (senior practitioners in Ubud Healing Center). Because there are participants from various countries, for the lecture available in English language and bahasa Indonesia.

Requirements for training:

  • Men or women at least 20 years old
  • At least high school graduate / high school or equivalent, nurses, doctors, midwives, etc..
  • month long training theory and practice of 3 months.
  • Cost: U$ 2,800

Certificated Acupuncture Training
The event of Acupuncture Training will be held in the middle of May 2020 and January 2021
Prospective participants acupuncture training consists of: medical doctors who want to increase knowledge in the field of acupuncture, nurses, midwives, students, and other professions and the general public with the minimum high school graduated or equivalent. Minimum age over 20 years old. Submit 2 pcs.3×4 and 2 pcs 4×6 pass photos (color photograph).
Completing the registration form and pay the registration fee is Rp, 250.000 or US$.28
For the cost of Acupuncture Training is US$. 2,800

How to pay:
You can pay by cash or via BCA Bank
BCA Bank (Bank Central Asia) Ubud-Denpasar
Account number: 1350126411
In the name of Akuh Suryana
Swift code: CENAIDJA

Subject matter consists of:
* Acupuncture developmental history
* The theory of Yin and Yang philosophy
* The movement of five elements theory
* The theory of phenomena organs (Zang and Fu organs)
* Anatomy
* The theory of meridians, (Qi-Meridian, topography meridian, meridian Yin Tai, Tay Yang and so on, special Meridian, point acupuncture)

  • The theory of the cause of disease

*)Syndrome classification
*)Eight primary diagnosis
*)Four-way inspection
*)Disease prevention
*)Diagnosis enforcement work
*)Matchmaking and moxibustion
*)Selecta capita
*)And examination.

Special for Advanced Acupuncture Training consist of:

*)Ear Acupuncture
*)Cosmetic acupuncture
*)Elektro Acupuncture
*)Cerebral Acupuncture
*)Acupuncture for Emergency
*)Anesthesia Acupuncture

For those of you who are interested, please contact our secretariat at Ubud Healing Center (UHC) Jln. Made Lebah-Pengosekan Ubud 80571
Telephone and WhatsApp: +628123967019 Email: healingcentreubud@yahoo.com.com

Private Acupuncture Course

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